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3800mm Multi-cylinder Corrugated Paper Machine

Leizhan company is China’s leading paper machine and pulp processing production line machinery manufacturer. For pulp and paper projects, our hot-selling 3800mm  multi-cylinder corrugated paper making line machine delivers perfect results. Additionally, we offer spare parts for pulp and paper machines. Here are some details.

Corrugated Paper Making Machine Parameter

Raw material: wood pulp, waste paper, white shavings, etc.
Output paper: kraft paper, corrugated paper
Basis weight: 80—250g/m²
Net paper width: 3800mm
Design speed: 160m/min
Product capacity: 60t/d
Drive way: AC variable frequency, section drive

For 3800mm  multi-cylinder corrugated paper making line machine price and details, our experts will provide you with the best quotation. Of course, if you need other equipment in the paper mill production line, we can also meet your needs. Feel free to contact us anytime: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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