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3400mm High-Strength Corrugated Paper Machine

3400mm High-Strength Corrugated Paper Machine is fourdrininer multi-cylinder paper machine for 90-110g/m² basic weight corrugated paper making. The corrugated paper machine is consist of headbox, fourdrinier wire section, press section, dryer section, reeling machine and other parts.

3400mm Corrugated Paper Machine

Paper Type: Corrugated paper

Trimmed Width: 3500mm

Basic Weight: 90-110g/m²

Design Speed: 180m/min

Working Speed: 125-150m/min

Crawling Speed: 25m/min

Distance between sole-plates: 4500mm

Drive Type: AC motor frequency conversion speed subsection drive

Corrugated Paper Machine Parts

Headbox: Open type; Lip width: 3800mm

Fourdrinier Wire Section: Wire table: 14500mm; Dryness after wire section: 22%

Press Section: Two main press Φ900/Φ850

Dryer Section: 18 set of φ1500 dryer cylinder; Dryer felt: 7KN/m


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