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2500mm Test Liner Board Paper Making Machine

There are some customers who want to produce test liner board paper. Therefore, our company provides 2500mm test liner board paper making line machine according to your requirements, which has high quality, high energy efficiency and maximum fiber recovery rate. Best of all, customers are already getting better benefits than before.

Test Liner Board Paper Machine Specification

Main product: test liner board paper
Basis weight: 80-200g/m²
Net paper width: 2500mm
Production Capacity: 30-40t/d
Working Speed: 60-100m/min
Wire Width: 2900mm

As a trusted partner in the pulp and paper industry, we have been committed to technology and innovation to allow our customers to benefit more. You also get responsive service in the papermaking process. For any questions about our 2500mm test liner board paper making line machine, please feel free to contact us at your leisure. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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