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Pulp Press Washer Equipment

The pulp press washer equipment is mainly used for pulp washing and thickening, which can remove the solid, organic and inorganic substances dissolved in the pulp, so as to ensure the uniform concentration of the pulp in the subsequent process. So, what is the characteristic of pulp press washer equipment?

Press Washer Equipment Feature

1. Small footprint: The pulp press washer equipment has a high speed, and it determines the production capacity of per unit area is quite high, therefore, the same production capacity, its footprint is much smaller.

2. Low power consumption: Dewatering power of pulp press washer equipment comes from centrifugal force of the wire roller and generated by high-speed operation, needn’t the additional pressure, eliminating the vacuum pump, reduce power consumption, reduce installation cost, washing and dewatering effect is better than any device.

3. Dehydration and impurities removal efficiency is high. Thin slurry and large centrifugal force is conducive to the small impurities and water removing, the material layer between polyester wire and the roller is very thin, the obstruction of impurities in the pulp from the plasma layer is small, with the centrifugal force generated by high-speed operation, so that fillers, ink particles and other small impurities is easily prolapse, washed pulp ash removal rate is more than 99%.


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