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Pulp Consistency Regulators

Pulp consistency regulators is the pulp measurement equipment for pulp concentration detection and control in paper pulping and paper making process. So where is the pulp consistency regulators used in and how it works?

Where Is Pulp Consistency Regulators?

The pulp consistency regulators is usually installed in the sizing pump outlet pipe line of pulp chest, the sizing pump outlet pipe line equipped with concentration sensor, sizing pump inlet pipe line equipped with electric / pneumatic pulp dilution water regulating valve, what’s more, concentration adjustment control cabinet (box ) with the above two facilities connected to form an electrical control unit. This system is called pulp concentration control system.

How Is Pulp Consistency Regulators Works?

Pulp concentration adjustment and control principle, both are adjusting by adding dilution water into the pulp pump inlet, detect concentration in the pulp pump outlet, reducing the pulp concentration as a means to achieve the purpose of pulp concentration control.

A set of pre-machine approach system, with a set of approach flow pulp adjustment control system; With the condition of good projects, in the pulp mixed pool pulp pump inlet and outlet pipe lines equipped with a set of pulp consistency control system. The purpose of this is to make the pulp concentration, which is by the pulp chest sizing pulp conveyed into the fan pump inlet, more stable by adjusting and controlling twice. Because the amount of concentration regulating and controlling is limited, the pulp concentration fluctuate greatly, easy to exceed the regulation and control range, then need to secondary adjustment and controlling.


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