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How To Choose Paper Making Felt?

Paper machine felt is needed in paper making process, for good effect and high quality products, how to choose suitable paper making felt?

Paper Machine Felt Choose

Line pressure and mechanical load: The line pressure and mechanical load in paper machine press section are proportional to the felt strength demand. The higher of line pressure, the higher of paper machine felt compression resistance performance in life cycle, and the better elastic recovery of paper making felt is also demand, so that the felt can keep good filtration performance and water capacity. The larger of mechanical load, the stronger tensile strength of paper machine are required, and the elongation and shrinkage should be small.

Vacuum degree: The vacuum degree of papermaking system and the setting state of vacuum system directly determine the moisture content, cleanliness and dehydration performance of paper machine felt, especially the bottom layer paper making felt.

Pulp condidtion: Pulp quality not only affects finished paper quality, but also plays an important role in the filter tate and service life of paper machine felt. When choose suitable paper making felt, must pay attention to pulp ratio, pulp beating degree and other parameters, these directly affect paper machine felt filter performance and service life, but also affect paper machine felt surface paste state.


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