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Duplex Board Paper Making Project

For duplex board paper making project, to help customers getting more benefits, our company designed and manufactured full line machine in this process including duplex board paper maching and pulping machine. They could reduce your cost and have stable operation to get better finished paper.

Duplex Board Paper Making Details

Raw material: waste paper
Firstly, waste paper will be conveyed into the ZDSD23 D type hydrapulper for pulping.
Secondly, ZSC4 high density cleaner will be applied for removing staples, stones, glasses from the slurry.
Thirdly, pulp will be transported into ZNS0.3 mid consistency coarse screen for coarse screening. After coarse screening, tailing pulp will be processed by PZ2 reject separator.
Then, ZNS0.6 mid consistency fine screen will be applied for fine screening of paper pulp.
After fine screening,pulp will be conveyed into ZDP450 double disc refiner for improving the beating degree and pulp quality.
Finally, NLS0.6 inflow pressure screen before paper machine will be applied for the last step of pulp processing.

As a professional company we aim to support our customers the complete duplex board paper making line machine.

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